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The Stroogle Sails the Seven Seas

Written and illustrated by Dr Cameron Stelzer.

Paperback. 32 pages. Original watercolour illustrations. Suitable for early childhood to middle primary school ages.

Ahoy there maties! The Stroogle’s fourth swashbuckling adventure is a treasure hunt with a twist. Along the way he meets the dreaded Pie-Rats onboard their famous pie ship. With an unexpected turn of events at the end involving some fairy magic, this story is full of humour and appeals to both boys and girls alike. Once you have read the story, you can go on your own treasure hunt and find over 300 hidden objects throughout the pictures. This is our most popular Stroogle publication to date. Learn to draw all the characters with How to Create Pie-Rats.

Download the Stroogle Sails the Seven Seas Activity kit.

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