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The Stroogle and the Golden Dragon

Written and illustrated by Dr Cameron Stelzer.

Paperback. 32 pages. Original watercolour illustrations. Suitable for early childhood to middle primary school ages.

The Golden Dragon is the adorable character with a major sneezing problem... He burns half the forest with every AAACHOO! The Stroogle and his new friends embark on a quest to find three missing ingredients for a special medicine. Their journey takes them to the top of a wild windy mountain and into a mysterious moonlit castle where secrets await them!

In the tradition of the previous Stroogle adventure, there are plenty of things to locate in the watercolour illustrations once you have read the story: These include a puzzle to solve, hidden images from famous fairytales and just for luck, there are 100 four leaf clovers to find!

Download the Stroogle and the Golden Dragon Junior Activity Kit.  


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