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How to Create Pie-Rats

Written and illustrated by Dr Cameron Stelzer.

Paperback. 32 pages. Suitable for junior to upper primary school ages.

How to Create Pie-Rats is an easy step-by-step illustrated guide for students on drawing characters from The Stroogle Sails the Seven Seas. In this book you will learn how to draw the Pie-Rat crew, including Captain Black Rat, Pencil Leg Pete, Fish Eye Fred, Hook Hand Horace and Smudge. You can also create Pie-Rat ballerinas, ships, mer-mice, cannons, flags, submarines, crabs, sea horses, skeletons treasure island and Pirate Stroogle. This book has been designed for younger ages and has less text and simpler drawing steps than How to Create Cool Characters.

For further information about this publication, please visit the Books Section of the Stroogle Website.

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*$5.95 postage on all Australian orders. 

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